PolyLab always carrys an inherent urge of upgrading technology. We adopt the new technologies in plastic at the earliest to keep our quality flag flying. To hold good on the motto of delivering quality, we manufacture quality products with a strong commitment from our plant atKundli, Haryana. This facility is a 75,000 sq. ft. RCC covered area designed specifically for Plastic Industry.

Products are manufactured through different process like Injection molding, Extrusion blow molding & injection blow molding. We have more than twenty injection moldings, ranging from 50 tons to 500 tons capacity. Extrusion blow moldings range from ½ ltr. to 30 ltr. capacity. Whereas injection blow moldings can make bottle ranging from 4 ml to 500 ml. All the machines are state of the art technologies delivered by well established International brands. Molds used on these machines are also imported from different countries.

Delivering quality is one of our basic aim. We, at PolyLab, manufacture end-to-end laboratory plasticware and deliver high quality products and services for a host of science laboratories like industrial, hospitals and research laboratories. Different levels of quality checks are in place to ensure the best result. These checks not only refer to the finished products but also to raw materials, corrugated boxes, polybags and so on.

Different teams are engaged for " in process" quality checks during the production and packaging. The whole quality process is a multiple filter process at the end of which only the best is through. Our quality standards also apply to the working conditions in our plant which boost the moral of the workers to deliver their best. All this has made our manufacturing facility a world class one.